School of the Built Environment


    Heritage-led regeneration: Can the conservation of historic areas and buildings lead to regeneration of historic cities in Malaysia                      


    • BA in Architecture, Malaysia
    • MA in Conservation Studies, University of York


    • Dr Michelle Thomas
    • Professor Brian Goodey

    Shahrul Yani Said joined Oxford Brookes University in February 2008 after completing her MA (Conservation Studies) from the University of York in September 2007. Shahrul's director of study is Dr Michelle Thomas and her second supervisor is Prof Brian Goodey.

    Shahrul's interest for building conservation emerges during her final year of Bachelor of Architecture in Malaysia when she did a research for her final design-thesis on traditional Malay houses in Malaysia. Her awareness on the fate of the built heritage was interpreted in her dissertation on 'Modern Development in Historic Cities in Malaysia: the case of Melaka' for her MA. The research studies the struggle of historic buildings to be part of new development in developing countries, and the significance of the conservation of historic buildings in a developing world such as Malaysia.

    Her current research is 'Heritage-led regeneration: can the conservation of historic areas and buildings lead to regeneration of historic cities in Malaysia'. The initial idea of this research is to study the role of historic buildings in the regeneration schemes carried out in historic cities in Malaysia. Its particular focus is to ascertain the effects of the conservation of the historic buildings on the success of the regeneration projects for the historic cities.

    Shahrul is fully sponsored by the Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia and MARA University of Technology in Malaysia under the Young Lecturer Scheme. She is now in her third year. She registered as MPhil/PhD student in October 2008 and has successfully transferred from MPhil to PhD in October 2010. Shahrul now is doing the analysis of the data she gathered during her final fieldwork. The criteria and guidelines produced by the research is hoped to help in urban conservation and regeneration processes in many cities in Malaysia and hoped to be adopted in many urban conservation guidelines by local authorities.