School of the Built Environment


    Sustainability appraisal for built heritage attractions                         

    Completed his PhD in 2016.


    • Bachelor of Arts in Tourism Management, China
    • Master of Science in Tourism Environment and Development, Oxford Brookes University


    • Professor John Glasson
    • Professor Brian Goodey
    • Dr Graham Wood

    Wei Ren received his Bachelor of Arts in Tourism Management from Boustead College, Tianjin University of Commerce, China in 2010. After discovering his love for sustainability research, he completed a Master of Science in Tourism Environment and Development with the School of the Built Environment at Oxford Brookes University in 2011. He registered as a full-time Ph.D researcher with the topic of Sustainability Appraisal for Built Heritage Attractions in the Impact Assessment Group, Oxford Institute for Sustainable Development in 2012. His Director of Studies is Prof John Glasson and his Co-Supervisor is Prof Brian Goodey, Dr Graham Wood is his second supervisor.

    During Wei Ren’s doctoral studies, his research will focus on sustainability appraisal, environment impact assessment, tourism management and built heritage attractions. He aims to develop a practical methodology to appraise sustainability systems for built heritage attractions both in developed and developing countries, and identify the potential value, acceptability, implementation and international transferability of the developed method.

    Wei Ren was appointed Volunteer Supervisor of the Beijing Olympics Games in QingHuangdao City, China in 2008. Before joining OISD, Wei was employed as Vice-General Manager at Fishing Island Tourist Attraction in China, he assisted marketing planning, human resource management, media and public relationship, emergency and core project management.