School of the Built Environment


    Identifying the relationship between place-making, quality of place and participatory design 


    • BA Architecture, Plymouth University
    • Dip Architecture, Oxford Brookes University
    • MA Urban Design, Oxford Brookes University 


    • Professor Georgia Watson
    • Dr Jon Cooper

    The purpose of this thesis is to develop a new method to analyse and design good place-making processes by engaging with people. To engage with people is to establish long term relationships with stakeholder groups during a development and to positively support a project in shaping and directing an area as regards providing long-term benefits, lowering local resistance and implementing the fittest development for the future.

    There have been various methods implemented in Europe and the USA that are worth assessing as potential comparative case studies. In order to consider how participatory models are operated and how they influence projects, the use of a comparative approach could enhance the theory and practice of participatory co-production of place, and it will also help to understand perceptions of quality of design between professional and user groups, and how different participatory models have contributed to a better quality of spaces and effective place-making strategies.