School of the Built Environment


    Affordable and social housing in the context of urbanisation in China 


    • MSc in Real Estate, United Kingdom

    Conferences where research has been presented

    • The 2015 annual Asian Real Estate Society (AsRES) conference
    • The European Network for Housing Research Conference 2016

    Prior to joining Oxford Brookes in 2014, Yuanze gained his MSc in Real Estate at the University of Reading in 2013. He had work experience in Beijing and Urumqi in China before coming to the UK for further study, having participated in several real estate development projects and property management businesses. Both academic and work experiences prompted him to develop a strong interest in real estate research.

    Based on housing studies in the developed world, especially in the UK, Yuanze intends to examine the effectiveness of affordable and social housing policies in Chinese cities in the context of rapid urbanisation. Despite the growing research interest on China’s housing prices inflation among policy makers and urban scholars, there is a significant housing issue, i.e. housing for migrants, which has not yet received enough attention. His study intends to fill in the gap of knowledge. For instance, a key concern of his research is how China’s current housing policy relevant to urbanisation will promote the development of affordable and social housing. In addition his intended study examines the current issues within China’s affordable and social housing policy and the housing market in general.