School of the Built Environment


    Real Estate Management

    Before coming to Brookes I took a gap year before starting my course, first working in a factory to save some money, then travelling to south east Asia, Australia and New Zealand. I chose Brookes because of the reputation of the course. Coming to Oxford was another factor. You can walk everywhere, it’s got a great student atmosphere, it’s such a good place to study. What appealed to me about Brookes is that the course is very broad. It covers a lot of different areas, and then you can specialise later on. I think I will probably opt for something in planning, I am interested in sustainability and green building.

    I have become very involved in student life. As a Student Ambassador, I helped on tours of the University, talking to prospective students and parents about the course. I am also founder and president of the Real Ale Society. I was very surprised there wasn't one already, so I set one up. It's now in its second year, and we are hopefully going to organise a beer festival at a pub in Oxford. We're going to tour some of the local breweries such as Hook Norton and Wychwood.

    I rate Brookes for the friendliness and approachability of staff, and the relaxed atmosphere on his course, where students are given the responsibility for managing their own workloads. We've also got very good links with employers, and a high rate of employability. That's another reason for coming here.

    Looking ahead, I am interested in a master's in planning, although I am also thinking about going straight into a job. After a couple of years, I would be fully qualified as a chartered surveyor.