School of the Built Environment


    City and Regional Planning                                                                                                             

    Before coming to Brookes I studied A-levels in IT, Math and Physics at The Winchester School 6th form in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

    I had heard about Oxford Brookes through a family friend and International open days held in Dubai. I started as a foundation student in Engineering. During that course, I came across the different courses the Department of Planning had to offer that caught my attention. Later, I also thought that doing a degree in planning would be a great opportunity to gain accreditation from institutes such as RTPI and RICS.

    The course offers a wide range of understanding on topics, giving an insight on the different areas and possibilities within planning. What I really liked, is that most of the sessions that take place during the course are very practical and based on real planning events; ongoing or have taken place in the past. The lecturers are very enthusiastic, friendly and are always happy to help and solve any issue within the module or otherwise. 

    My advice to others would be to seize the opportunity you have: work hard, participate in events, socialise, make memories, and enjoy your time at Brookes and around Oxford!