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  • Dr Bruce Riddoch

    Bsc(Hons) PhD

    Senior Lecturer in Animal Biology and Conservation

    Department of Biological and Medical Sciences

    Faculty of Health and Life Sciences


    Phone number: 01865483267


    Location: Headington Campus

    I have a background in ecology and empirical population genetics with an emphasis on aquatic habitats. My PhD was a selection component analysis of an enzyme polymorphism in an intertidal isopod (Sphaeroma rugicauda) and I subsequently did postdoctoral research on the genetic zoogeography of a glacial relic crustacean species complex (Mysis relicta) in deep postglacial lakes. All this equipped me admirably for a career in the Kalahari Desert and I spent several years lecturing and researching on temporary pools at the University of Botswana before returning to the UK.