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  • Dr Joanna Grogono

    Clinical Research Fellow

    Department of Biological and Medical Sciences

    Faculty of Health and Life Sciences


    In December 2014 I joined the  Cardiorespiratory Research Group as a Clinical Research Fellow. I will be investigating the use of inhaled furosemide on breathlessness in patients with chronic heart failure. I will also investigate its effect on experimentally induced breathlessness in healthy volunteers. The project has been awarded a grant from the British Heart Foundation.

    Before joining the cardiorespiratory group I was a Cardiology Registrar working at the John Radcliffe Hospital, with 2 years of training remaining before applying for consultant posts. I decided to take time out of my clinical training to expand my knowledge and skills in research. Though my supervisor, Dr Dwight, who is a heart failure specialist at the John Radcliffe Hospital I heard about this project with Dr Moosavi at Brookes and jumped at the opportunity as it links perfectly with my long-term plan of being a heart failure specialist.

    I have done some research previously, such as when I was an undergraduate student at Imperial College where I did a lab based project looking at muscarinic receptors in the bladder, and later in my training a clinical project assessing the effect of cabergoline on heart valves in patients with hyperprolactinaemia. I will be taking a lead role in running this clinical trial and this will enable me to gain skills that allow me to continue to be active in research once I return to finish my cardiology training in 3 years time.