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  • Ben Hewlett

    Ben Hewlett


    It was amazing; without a doubt one of the best experiences I have ever had.

    Oxford Brookes was the right choice for me because of its friendly atmosphere, good reputation and great lecturers. I also love the city of Oxford, which made the university appeal to me even more.

    For my placement I spent six weeks in a South African game reserve tracking white rhino and mapping their territories. It was amazing; without a doubt one of the best experiences I have ever had and it was a part of my degree, so it was a real win-win situation! I even got to take part in a live rhino capture, with helicopters and dart guns, which was crazy.

    I would recommend the course due to its flexibility. When I arrived I didn’t know what part of biology I wanted to go into, but the flexibility of the course allowed me to explore different aspects of biology and opened up new avenues to me.

    After graduating I am planning to continue with my education and time at Brookes by taking a master’s in Environment Management and Assessment.

    Sam Kimsey

    Sam Kimsey


    I have been offered GIS work in Mexico with a research organisation from the UK.

    Prior to my application, I had a discussion with one of the lecturers who laid out all of the courses that the department offered. I took one look at the Biology course and knew it was right for me.

    Biology is such a diverse topic; there are many areas to specialise in, from cell biology to landscape conservation. I was so unsure about university to begin with, but three years on I regret nothing and I’m already looking for a new project!

    In my first year I went to the South of France to undertake a range of environmental survey techniques, which was fantastic. For my final year project I went to South Africa for six weeks to study herbivore relationships to fire impacted areas. I got to spend time with fantastic people, experience close encounters with wildlife and even participate in the capture and relocation of a white rhino, which was the pinnacle of the trip.

    Following on from my work in South Africa I have multiple options open to me. I have experience working with Geographical Information Systems, which is a piece of software used to map areas and carry out complex spatial analysis, and I have subsequently been offered GIS work in Mexico with a research organisation from the UK.

    Dipesh Patel

    Dipesh Patel

    Biology Alumnus

    My degree has opened so many doors for me.

    The challenging nature of my course has allowed me to develop my note taking, memorisation, organisation and teamwork skills, which have proved invaluable during my employment.

    After I graduated, a world of opportunity opened up for me. I have been lucky enough to be selected for a number of roles where competition was high. I became the managing director of the franchise Miss India UK, which allowed me to develop my skills in IT, PR and media, in many different countries around the world.

    In my current employment with Oxford Global I seek representation from some of the world’s best-respected pharmaceutical companies, at an array of international life science events. This includes relationship management with decision makers hailing from all over the globe.

    I would definitely recommend this course to prospective students. There is a good choice of modules that are taught in a well-structured and interactive manner. The tutors and lecturers are very supportive and more than happy to help. I believe that my degree has really helped with regard to securing job opportunities.

    Sian Penwarden

    Sian Penwarden

    Equine Science

    It was everything I wanted from a university.

    When I came to the Open Day it was everything I wanted from a university and I really liked Oxford as a city. The high entry requirements indicated the scientific nature of the course and that was a really important factor to me.

    Through the connections I have made during my time at Brookes I was able to work with the British Equestrian Federation. I gained a place as an Official at the Horse of the Year show during the summer before my final year.

    As the course only takes a small amount of students you get to build a really personal relationship with everyone on the course and the lecturers.

    After completing my course I would love to do a PhD. I’m keeping my eye out for the right one as my ideal career would be going into research.

    Emily Thompson

    Emily Thompson

    Animal Biology and Conservation

    You will gain some excellent experiences.

    Brookes offers lots of opportunities to get out of the classroom. Our lecturers take us to as many fields/woodland areas in the UK as possible, and it’s always both extremely useful and a fun, hands-on experience.

    There are also great opportunities to go further afield; I went to France in my first year, which was a fantastic way of getting to know everyone, including the lecturers. By far my favourite experience was going to India to observe tigers in the wild.

    What I find amazing is that there is no obligation for lecturers to take us to these places; they organise these trips and put a lot of effort in, just to get us excited about the course. I think this shows great commitment to Brookes and to the students.

    I am hoping to apply for a master’s once I have completed the course and then hopefully find a conservation job with reptiles.

    Jessica Wragg

    Jessica Wragg

    Environmental Science

    The course has a varied selection of modules, allowing you to choose the avenue you personally wish to go down; whether that is geography, chemistry or biology based.

    The teachers are very helpful and full of enthusiasm for the topics they teach. There are fully equipped labs and plenty of library resources on whatever topic you want to research. Environmental Science is a fairly small group but you get the chance to work with students across other degrees regularly, like Animal Biology and Conservation, Biology, and Geography.

    I have been on two field trips (one in June of my first year and one in June of my second year) to France and Devon and they were excellent. They are hard work but the practical element really helps with the learning process. Plus, they give you the chance to bond with your peers and teachers. With this degree, you get the choice of exploring either the geography field or the biological field, which is nice.

    I haven’t yet decided what I will do once I have completed the course, but I like the idea of studying for a PhD at some point.