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    Are you an Oxfordshire school teacher or technician and would like to spice up your science lessons with a practical element? Why not borrow our Biotechnology Loan Kit!

    The kit consists of three big boxes filled with all the equipment needed to carry out DNA gel electrophoresis in the classroom: Gel tanks and power packs, micropipettes and pipette tips, Eppendorf tubes and all chemicals and materials for making DNA gels.

    The kit is easy to use and most importantly, it’s completely free! We provide all consumables needed for the practical so you won’t have to buy anything. All you need to do is  send us an email, pick it up and return it after a week.

    CSI:Oxfordshire is an outreach project hosted by the Faculty of Health and Life Sciences, Oxford Brookes University and sponsored by Bio-Rad and the Oxford Brookes Student Community Fund.

    Links with the National Curriculum

    Listed below are the areas of the national curriculum that our outreach scheme is suitable for.

     Key Stage 1 Section 1  Scientific enquiry 
      Section 2  Life processes and living things 
    Key Stage 2  Section 1  Scientific enquiry 
      Section 2  Life processes and living things 
    Key Stage 3  Section 1  How science works 
      Section 2  Organisms, their behaviour and the environment 
     Key Stage 4 Section 5  Organisms and health 

    Examples of practical sessions our equipment can be used for:

    • ‘Who dun’ it?’ murder mystery
    • Locally themed crime solving
    • How paternity testing works
    • Exploring the concept behind the human genome project
    • Classifying new species
    • ‘Test tube babies’ - Good or bad?
    • How Dolly the sheep was created
    • The science behind genetic engineering
    • Genetically modified (GM) food