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Research Opportunities

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    Application deadline: 3 February 2022

    • Development of advanced fluorescence collation spectroscopy (FCS) approaches to study the role of chaperone variants in the biogenesis and functional expression of brain nicotinic receptors involved in cognition
    • Exploring the role of extracellular vesicles in cancer metastasis
    • Fat fetuses: endocrine control of adipose tissue development
    • Uncovering the secret life of transcription factors
    • Functional characterisation of a novel class of insect ligand-gated ion channels
    • Barking up the right tree: the evolutionary and ecological drivers of niche diversification and an adaptive radiation in the feather-legged Assassin bugs
    • Understanding the tissue specific role of ECSIT in mitochondrial complex I assembly
    • The influence of diet on gene expression at the single cell level
    • Leishmania attachment in the sand fly vector 

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