Department of Biological and Medical Sciences


    • The evolution of Shx genes
    • The formation and functioning of the butterfly serosa
    • The effects of drought on butterfly development
    • The effects of viral infections on butterfly wing development
    • Dorsal-ventral patterning in butterflies



    • University of Oxford: Prof Peter Holland, and various members of his research group on individual projects relating to butterfly genomics and evolution of Shx genes (co-supervisor for Luca Livraghi)
    • University of Cambridge: Prof Paul Brakefield and Dr Oskar Brattstrom
    • CEH, Wallingford: Dr Melanie Gibbs (Pararge aegeria development and maternal effects)(co-supervisor for Luca Livraghi and Nora Braak)
    • Oxford Brookes University: Dr Andy Jones (effects of pesticides on butterflies)
    • University of Reading: Drs Tom Oliver and Richard Walters, and their PhD-student Luke Evans (butterfly responses to climate change)
    • University of Exeter: Dr Ben Longdon (butterfly RNA viruses)


    • Institut de Biologia Evolutiva, CSIC-UPF, Barcelona: Drs Leonardo Dapporto and Roger Vila, and their group members (biogeography of Pararge aegeria)
    • University of New Orleans: Dr Simon Lailvaux (butterfly flight performance under drought conditions)
    • Université catholique de Louvain: Prof Hans van Dyck (Pararge aegeria evolutionary ecology)
    • George Washington University: Dr Arnaud Martin (the role of WntA in butterfly wing patterning)
    • University of Cologne: Prof Siegfried Roth (embryonic axis formation in butterflies)