Department of Biological and Medical Sciences


  • Over the years we have been involved in the development of a range of plasmids for the genetic manipulation of both trypanosomes and Leishmania and these are described in the three papers below.

    If you are interested in the vanillic acid inducible system for trypanosomes or the pLEnTv2 plasmids for Leishmania, please contact me and I will send the plasmids to you. A spreadsheet of the plasmids available can be downloaded here and the plasmid sequences can be downloaded here.

    For the pPOT plasmids series for long primer PCR tagging in trypanosomes please contact Sam Dean.

    For the plasmids for CRISPR mediated tagging and knockout of genes in Leishmania please contact Eva Gluenz.

    For the pSMOX plasmid (encoding the T7 RNA polymerase and tet repressor) and the pDEX series of plasmids (tet inducible expression plasmids) please contact Steve Kelly.

    Beneke T, Madden R, Makin L, Valli J, Sunter J, Gluenz E (2017) A CRISPR Cas9 high-throughput genome editing toolkit for kinetoplastids. R Soc Open Sci. 4, 170095. PMC5451818.

    Sunter JD (2016). A second independent inducible expression system for Trypanosoma brucei. Mol Biochem Parasitol. 207, 45-48. PMC4920640.

    Sunter JD, Dean S, Wheeler RJ, Hodkinson I, Gluenz E, Gull K (2015). A toolkit enabling efficient, scalable and reproducible gene tagging in trypanosomatids. Open Biology 5, pii: 140197. PMC4313374.