Department of Biological and Medical Sciences

Science Communication

  • I am passionate about making science accessible to non-experts and encourage dialogue between researchers and the public. I co-ordinate a number of public engagement events for the Faculty of Health and Life Sciences in collaboration with staff and students from the Faculty and from the Oxford Brookes Poetry Centre. These events include the annual Brookes Science Bazaar, interdisciplinary partnerships between sciences and humanities, events for the 'Amazing Acts' Festival at the Pegasus Theatre, ‘CSI Oxfordshire’ and internal public engagement training sessions.

    I am also using social media networks such as Twitter or YouTube to engage diverse audiences online, and blog about science, outreach and science communication. I am the Editor-in-Chief of AoB Blog, a title from the 'Annals of Botany' non-profit company.  I have also run public engagement training workshops for researchers at Oxford Brookes and for the Society of Experimental Biology, the Royal Microscopical Society and eLIFE.


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