Department of Biological and Medical Sciences


  • Insect Virus Research Group

    The insect virus research group is housed in a purpose built suite of laboratories which are well equipped for many aspects of molecular biology and virology. The group also utilises departmental facilities including a state-of-the-art microscopy facility for confocal and electron microscopy.

    We undertake both basic and applied research in the field of insect virology. Within the research group, interests include both fundamental studies on the replication and pathogenesis of insect viruses in cell culture and in the natural caterpillar hosts, and on the exploitation of these viruses as protein expression vectors in insect and mammalian cells. We are also engaged in the exploitation of baculoviruses as expression vectors for the production of proteins for use in biotechnology, biological research and medicine

    Our aim is to use our understanding of the replication and pathogenesis of the virus to improve the baculovirus expression vector system. After many years of offering an in-house baculovirus expression consultancy service, the group successfully spun out it's commercial activities in October 2007 as Oxford Expression Technologies Ltd.