Department of Biological and Medical Sciences


  • CEEC is also available to undertake contract consultancy activities using our experienced staff:

    • Invertebrate Ecology and Biogeography
    • Spatial Ecology and Land Use
    • Evolutionary Developmental Biology
    • Evolution of Animal Development and Morphology
    • Environmental Ecology Research

    We are also able to undertake additional consultancy activities in collaboration with our partners on:

    If you would like to receive more information about our consultancy services or to discuss your particular project requirements, please contact us or 01865 482891

    CEEC Virtual Consultancy Project

    The Centre for Ecology, Environment and Conservation (CEEC) at Oxford Brookes University is developing a unique project to bring together the skills and experience of individuals and small organisations to respond to calls for environmental advice from national and local authorities, businesses and other organisations.

    Many of these calls are multidisciplinary and require a huge range of skills, alongside the ability to offer financial and project management with a track record of successful projects of a similar size and scope.

    We hope to be able to bring together the skills held locally to allow collaborative development of projects and responses to tenders.

    We are currently developing our list of potential partners. You can submit your details to us via the online form below. Please ensure you include details of all areas of expertise. If you would like to know more about the project please email or call 01865 482891.

    Please be aware that submission of your details or your organisation's details does not guarantee any future collaborative work. You are submitting your details to be held in a database of skilled contractors and we will contact you only if and when suitable tenders or projects are identified.