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Great Crested Newt Licensing Course

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  • CEEC provides an extensive introduction to great crested newt management and study leading to support for a Natural England Great crested newts survey or research class licence (level 1) (CL08).

    After completion of the taught course and test, you will receive a certificate of attendance / completion detailing all your activities which you can use to help support a license application for Natural England.

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    Provisional Schedule Details: 30 April - 1 May

  • Classroom sessions will be held at Oxford Brookes University Wheatley Campus

    All times are approximate but we aim to have all sessions complete by 22:30
    16:20 - Arrival 

    16:30 - Classroom session 
    This session will cover the theory behind great crested newt licensing including: 
    - Ecology of great crested newts and other amphibians 
    - Overview of legislation 
    - Observation / safe handling of GCN and other amphibian species 
    - Risks for surveyors 
    - Trap construction 

    Please bring with you one clear plastic, 2L lemonade / cola bottle for trap construction. 

    19:00 - Visit to onsite pond

    Immediately following the classroom session we will then provide access and transport (departing from Wheatley Campus Oxford Brookes University) to real surveying opportunities at a field site (where GCN surveys will be carried out at multiple ponds). 
    The details for these sessions are to be confirmed, but dates are likely to be as follows: 

    19:30 - Departure from Wheatley Campus
    20:00 - Arrival at field site

    20:00-22.00 approx. - Surveys

    22:30 - Return to Wheatley Campus

    Following day

    06.00 - Departure from Wheatley Campus

    06:30 - Arrival at field site

    06:30 - 08.00 approx. - Retrieval of bottle traps, counts, recording 

    08:30 - Return to Wheatley Campus


    For all field work. Timings are approximate and survey work may be longer or shorter depending on results, weather etc.  For all sessions please ensure that you have waterproof clothing and if available waterproof footwear (wellingtons). Evening sessions will also partly be in darkness so will also require a torch (although we will provide head torches). All specialist equipment will be provided.