Department of Biological and Medical Sciences

Phase ONE Habitat Survey Toolkit

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  • Save time in the office and focus on fieldwork using our innovative intuitive software. The toolkit allows you to produce effective, JNCC colour coded maps in the field and export them directly to reports or as GIS supported files for further processing in your chosen GIS packages.

  • Phase ONE Habitat Survey Toolkit now includes support for more devices including iPhone, iPad and iPad Pro.


  • Why upgrade to Pro?

      Phase One PRO Phase One Free
    Full offline capability including offline maps
    Create and edit polygons, lines and target notes with ease
    Automatic area, length and coordinate calculations for features
    Assign habitats and symbology from JNCC Phase 1 classification
    Assign notes, keywords and photos referenced to specific features
    Export survey record data, map image, map key, shapefiles, photos
    Unlimited features per survey 5 features only
    Save up to ten concurrent maps to use offline
    One map only
    Detailed species information for over 900 priority UK species 30 species only

  • Key features include:

    • Robust offline map functionality including hi-res satellite imagery
    • Full habitat descriptions and colour codes
    • Quick creation of polygons, lines and target notes by hand or with stylus
    • Detailed species information, photographs and distributions for more than 900 target plant species and invasive and protected plant, bird, mammal, invertebrate, reptile and amphibian species
    • Simple integration of photographs and notes to site records
    • Automatic area and length calculations
    • Create files for use in GIS programmes
    • Export surveys to cloud, email and PC/Mac

    Available now in the App Store