Department of Biological and Medical Sciences

Microscopy consultancy

  • Established in 1999, the Brookes Microscopy Consultancy offers a range of services in microscopy. It is based in the Bioimaging Unit of the Department of Biological & Biomedical Sciences and has access to one of the most comprehensively equipped biological microscopy suites in the South of England.


    Prof. Chris Hawes - Director; Dr Louise Hughes - Manger; Mr Gareth Morgan - Microscopy Consultant;

    Chris is a Professor in Plant Cell Biology and heads the BioImaging Unit. He is currently Honorary Secretary of the Royal Microscopical Society and Biological Editor of the Journal of Microscopy.

    Louise joined in Spetember 2011 from UCLA and is an experienced electron microscopist who specialises in electron tomography, serial block face imaging scanning elelctron microscopy and 3-D reconstruction.

    Gareth joined in June 2009 as Microscopy Consultant and has been working in Electron Microscopy for many years. Originally Chief Technician and Laboratory Manager of E.M.Unit, Kings College London (Strand Campus) and more recently as Applications Specialist for RMC-Boeckeler Instruments and I.S.S. Group Services.

    Client Base

     Industrial: Local and national biotech. and bioscience companies, the food industry, paint and polymer manufacturers etc.

    Academic: Mainly a range of biological research groups from within Oxford University and associated research institutes.

    Services Offered:

    A comprehensive microscopy service including specimen preparation for light and electron microscopy; digital light and confocal microscopy; immunocytochemistry; transmission and scanning electron microscopy, conventional and high resolution block-face imaging;  LM histological preparation; a range of cryo-preparative techniques (cryo-sectioning [LM/EM], rapid and high-pressure, freezing, freeze-drying, freeze-substitution, low temperature embedding); image processing; report writing.

    We will also train customers to drive our instruments and the microscopes can be booked on an hourly basis.




    Zeiss Merlin Compact field emission SEM with Gatan 3-View serial block face sectioning
    Hitachi A-7650 tomographic transmission EM [installed June 2009]
    Hitachi S-3400N variable pressure scanning EM [installed June 2009]
    Baltec HPM 010 high pressure freezing apparatus plus freeze substitution
    RMC  Power Tome XL cryo-ultramicrotome

    Zeiss LSM 510 inverted laser scanning confocal microscope
    Zeiss LSM 510 meta upright laser scanning confocal microscope