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BSc Human Biology

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  • The Human Biology degree provides students with a coherent, integrated and flexible programme of study that will prepare for careers in the Field of Human Biosciences.

    Human Biology is a large and richly varied subject and this variety combined with the modular nature of this degree allows students to create a challenging degree programme that reflects their interests and needs. There is a large choice of modules from a wide range of subject areas. Biology of humans is studied at a systematic and whole human organism level with a Physiology core and choices from different specialisms such as psychology, neuroscience, anthropology, molecular biology, microbiology, disease and cancer, immunology, exercise and nutrition. Oxford Brookes Human Biology students can either take a broad approach, based on the principles and methods of different aspects of biology, or focus on a narrower range of modules with a view to becoming a specialist. The flexible nature of this course allows the creation of a degree that reflects individuals needs and evolves as their interests develop.

    The new timetable for the academic year 2018-2019 is being finalised. It is anticipated that attendance will be for a full timetable across the weekdays.

    The Pathways page gives the routes through the BSc Human Biology listing the modules for each pathway. Modules are taught by lectures. Lectures are in three hour slots, once a week for each module (going across both semesters for a double module). Some modules also have practicals which run only in certain weeks of the semester. 

    BSc Human Biology

    Induction Timetable

    Monday 17 – Friday 21 September: Induction Week (Week 0)



    Arrival and welcome from academic staff
    G1.17, Gibbs Building, Headington Campus

    Small group discussions led by student guiders 

    G1.17, Gibbs Building, Headington Campus 

    Student Support Coordinator talk - Mel Williamson and Jeannie Fawcitt 

    G1.17, Gibbs Building, Headington Campus


    Upgrade Study Advice talk  G1.17, Gibbs Building, Headington Campus
    12.30 Student's Union talk

    G1.17, Gibbs Building, Headington Campus


    Safety Talk G1.17, Gibbs Building, Headington Campus


    Refreshments G1.17, Gibbs Building, Headington Campus


    Mini tour of useful places G1.17, Gibbs Building, Headington Campus


    Ground Floor, Abercrombie Building, Headington Campus

    10.00 - 11.00

    Academic Subject meeting JHB 205, John Henry Brookes Building, Headington Campus 

    12.30 - 13.30

    Sinclair Lab tour and Health and Safety talk
    (Single Hons)
    SNC 2.01, Sinclair Building, Headington Campus 

    14.00 - 16.00

    Academic Adviser meeting

    To be notified at subject meeting


    11.30 - 13.30

    Drop in Sinclair Lab tour and Health and Safety talk SNC 2.01, Sinclair Building, Headington Campus 


    Human Biology Physiology pathway
    Human Biology Biochemistry pathway
    Human Biology Nutrition pathway
    Human Biology Research pathway
    Human Biology Psychology pathway
    Human Biology Miscellaneous

    Work experience

    In stage 2 of the Human Biology degree there is the option of taking a ‘Work Experience’ module. This is a work-based, supervised learning experience, in which you will spend at least 115 hours in a working environment that is relevant to your future career path. Students have worked in research labs, hospital units, bioscience industry, or within biosciences teaching. In addition to the work experience module, Human Biology students have the option of taking an additional work experience year making their degree a 4 year sandwich degree.