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  • Choosing Modules

    Choosing Modules

    Information on the modules for your course.

    Undergraduate Students

    You will be studying on a modular degree programme. Some of the modules for your subject(s) are compulsory and cannot be changed; some of the modules are elective and can be changed. A list of all the modules available can be found in the Undergraduate Modular Programme Handbook. Please note that in your first year, you can only study Stage I (Level 4) modules. You will study the Stage II (Levels 5 and 6) modules in your second and third years. Have a look at the Undergraduate Modular Programme Handbook to see what module choices there are but note that you cannot add or delete any modules unless you are logged into the Personal Information Portal (PIP). You will only be able to log into PIP after you have enrolled, which you will do in Week 0 (week commencing Monday 17 September).

    Please note that the deadline for adding modules is 5pm on Friday 21 September (the end of Week 0); the deadline for deleting any modules is 5pm on Friday 5 October (the end of Week 2). Unless you have already discussed it with your Academic Advisor or Student Support Coordinator, you should not have more than four modules in a semester. Additional charges will be made for students taking more than eight modules in an academic year (unless the ninth module is a Language module).

    Postgraduate Taught Students
    At the start of your course you will liaise with course tutors about the modules that are appropriate for your programme of study.
    Initial Teacher Training Students
    Due to the professional nature of the course, all modules on the teacher training programmes are compulsory.