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    Brookes Print Anywhere is simple to use and enables you to print, copy or scan from any of the multifunctional devices (MFD printers) on any of our campuses.

    You can find 'how to' guides for printing, scanning, copying and topping up your account here.

    You can download user manuals for the printers/copiers byclicking on the relevant link below;

    If you're having a problem using Brookes Print Anywhere, please take a look at the FAQs below.

    If you still need help please contact the Service desk on 01865 483311 (ext 3311 on an internal phone) or visit a Service Desk Point.

  • FAQs

  • Printing and photocopying

    Black and white
    A4 Single sided    5p
    A4 Double sided  8p
    A3 Single sided    7p
    A3 Double sided  12p

    A4 Single sided    10p
    A4 Double sided  18p
    A3 Single sided    14p
    A3 Double sided  26p

    Scanning - free

    Please note that these costs are inclusive of paper, service, rental, which is now all covered centrally. You will not receive any other billing.  

    When you use your staff card the display screen will show the total balance of your cost centre (which is sometimes negative), rather than a personal balance or cost of an individual job. This value can be quite high if you have a large team or department.

    To see the cost of your individual job, just scroll along the line where your job is waiting to be printed.

    Don't worry if you don't have your smartcard with you, you can release your print job by logging into the MFD printer manually.

    1. Press the 'AD login' button in the bottom right corner of the MFD touchscreen

      mfd screen

    2. Press the white space next to the user name box  

      mfd manual login

    3. Use the keypad on the touchscreen to enter your staff p00 number or student number

      mfd screen keypad
    4. Press the white space next to the password box and use the keypad on the touchscreen to enter your password ( the same one you use to log into the Brookes network/googlemail)
    5. You can now select which jobs you would like to print.

    You won't need to worry about toners and paper as Print Anywhere is an intelligent system that will alert Canon directly when toner and other consumables are needed.

    • Public-facing MFDs are replenished by OBIS, who will receive the alerts when these are running low.
    • MFDs in office/staff locations will continue to be replenished by staff.

    Paper orders will be processed in the same way as before - via Stores order forms - however the cost of this will be included in the click charge, rather than by way of a recharge, as before.

    Whilst the standard paper used should be 80gsm copier paper, provided as part of the click charge, the bypass tray can be used to overprint small quantities onto materials such as letterheads and labels.

    For larger quantities on non standard paper, you should use Brookes Print.  

    Please keep hold of the printouts and contact the Service Desk on 01865 48 3311 (x 3311) so that they can arrange a prrint credit for you.

    Don't worry, you will only be charged for jobs that are completed.  

    Before releasing print jobs, particularly where you have a batch of individual jobs to release, it is important to ensure there is enough paper in the traysto complete all the printing.  If the paper runs out during a batch of print jobs released at the same time, the MFD will see this as an ERROR, and will delete all jobs or part jobs which have not been output.  

    You will not be charged for anything not printed, but you will need to resend any jobs in the batch which haven't printed. 

    Between individually sent print jobs, if the paper runs out (and you should receive a paper low warning before this happens), DO NOT LOG OFF, simply fill up the tray with paper and your job will continue to print.

    If the machine has to be restarted, any files on the system will be deleted immediately for security purposes.

    If you log off and then log back on, again your files will be deleted.


    You won't need any special software to use Brookes Print Anywhere. For simple instructions on how to print, please go to the How to section.
    The system routes printing to the relevant driver according to the source document, ie for Word docs it is routed via mp-rps and for Google Docs via Google Chrome. This is an automated process.
    If an incident is logged with Service Desk on several occasions it will then be recognised as an issue and a problem record will be created. This will then be looked into by either Service Desk or Canon directly. 

    Whatever your feedback, we would like to hear it so that we can make improvements where necessary.

    Our feedback survey should only take about five minutes and you can find it here; http://www.surveyserver.net/?brookesprintanywhere

    BUSINESS CONTINUITY PLAN to print locally when network is down

    uniFLOW’s Disaster Recovery (DR) mode provides authentication at the device for defined DR users, which allows access to the device functions. This will provide access to the copying function on the device which will operate fully without any network service connectivity.

    However, in the event that there is no connectivity to the Print Management system, or even for that matter, other server based services (in the event of a network connection problem) this will result in normal Secure Print and Scanning functions being unavailable as both of these services are reliant on some form of server connection.

    The device firewall restrictions also make it impossible to directly print to the devices and in a student environment - this is unavoidable in order to prevent users from circumventing the charging system.

    To provide access to printing and scanning the USB printing and scanning functions could be used. This would allow users to print “print ready” documents (PDF, image formats) via a USB stick (provided) and scan documents to the USB stick.  This does prevent Office documents (Word, Excel etc.) from being printing, however current Office applications enable saving to PDF easily.

    The USB functionality would be enabled on nominated MFDs, to enable the printing of PDF files only when the Print Management System is non-operational.

    For details of enabled MFDs and allocated users, please refer to  BUSINESS CONTINUITY PLAN to print locally when network is down 25.10.17 which is in the Knowledge Base on Service now help pages.

    Where there is more than one tray for A4 paper, should the MFD indicate paper is out, it should default to the next tray.  It is important to ensure all trays are full to avoid paper running out