Anicka Sopovova, Brookes Sport Ambassador

  • You know how some people have that sort of restraint and self-control that when they buy a chocolate bar, they only eat a square or two? My first instinct is to say: “Welcome!What planet are you from?” Or those people that you see running down the street in their sleek sporty outfit that kind of makes you hate yourself?

    I am not eighteen anymore. And, shockingly, a lot of the people around me aren’t either. Recuperation from a night out takes longer. Body hurts in places we didn’t even knowwe had for no good reason. We suddenly find ourselves saying: “Nah, I’m too old for that s***”.

    But we can’t say it too often, because we still belong to that “young people” category. I am sorry but the few years between your teens and your mid-twenties are actuallyquite noticeable, visible and um, palpable. But what if I am not and have never been a sports enthusiast? What if I never joined a team or I did, but come uni (and, you know, life), I stopped?

    A song from Rudimental comes to mind: “I don’t do yoga, never tried pilates…” and that about sums me up.

    Hello, I’m Anička and I am a Sports Ambassador. And I want to prove that even I - a Chocolate Devourer and Pastry Lover, a person who bought her first shoes that may be called “sports shoes” in July and who when at a gym first tries to figure out which body part goes where - even I can do this whole being fit and active thing and come out of it alive.

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