Beth Cragg, Brookes Sport Ambassador

  • Hi, I’m Beth Cragg, a Performance Nutritionist registered with the Sport and Exercise Nutrition Register (SENr).

    My journey into performance nutrition stemmed from my love of food and fascination in its ability to manipulate the workings of the muscles, brain and cells in the body. As an extremely active individual, my interest favoured the sporting world and I began to realise that food is a really important part of any exercise regime, as not only does it fuel our performance but it also aids muscle recovery, and this is crucial when it comes to being stronger and fitter.

    Using myself as a guinea pig for anything I wanted to try, I soon noticed a change in my own sporting performance: if I fuelled my body correctly, I could increase my endurance; if I ate to support recovery I could enhance muscle adaptations, growth and repair. This led to the attainment of an MSc in Sport and Exercise Nutrition at Oxford Brookes University and I am now a practising Performance Nutritionist in Oxford - so be sure to come say hi if you see me around!

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