Dante Szpakowski, Brookes Sport Ambassador

  • Hi, I'm Dante Szpakowski, a 19-year-old Brookes law student. Coming from an international background, I've lived in 4 different countries, moving a total of 19 times, which has not hindered my sporting capabilities but in fact pushed me harder to succeed.

    I´m Canadian born, grew up in Norway, and my parents are both Polish. Initially, my interests were based around kayaking in addition to karate and basketball, and I later progressed from karate and basketball to hitting the gym and running. Upon moving to Canada for my last year of high school, I participated in team sports including lacrosse, rugby, and hockey. I enjoy facing new challenges and pushing boundaries, and therefore the general goal of mine within sports is to be a well-balanced athlete; someone that is capable of respectable performance in a wide variety of sports.

    Currently I'm attending the gym five to six times a week, on top of attending CrossFit-like circuit training here at Brookes. I´m also an avid member of martial arts clubs including taekwondo and boxing. Come find me in the gym and say hi!

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