Emmanuel Obi, Brookes Sport Ambassador

  • My name is Emmanuel Obi, Manu for short. I’m a 3rd-year student studying Digital Media Production. I come from a diverse background and have lived in 4 countries but most of my life has been spent between Spain and the U.K. Ever since I was a young, I had the natural ability to excel in any sport possible.

    I love football, rugby, bodybuilding, athletics and basketball. I went to a military school and I always seek to inspire others mentally. A wise man once said "when your mind is telling you that you're done, your only 40% done". That is why I challenge myself to give the best advice to all Brookes students about training. Because once you build your mind set, the rest is easy.

    Currently, I attend the gym six times a week and am participating in the futsal team, boxing club, and athletics. My ultimate life goal is to accomplish and learn every sport possible while studying at Oxford Brookes and inspiring Brookes students to push their boundaries and neglect indolence. If you see me at the gym or playing futsal come say hi! I’m always happy to give to have a chat.

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