Kyle McCracken, Brookes Sport Ambassador

  • Hey I'm Kyle and you may recognise me as one of the friendly, occasionally cheeky receptionists at Brookes Sport Headington - a place where I am lucky to work alongside a fantastic, open-minded and supportive team of people. As a proudly mixed Mexican/British openly gay man, I find it incredibly refreshing to be able to be myself in a sporting environment, one that is traditionally regarded as being hyper-masculine and not always tolerant of the alternative. However at Brookes, whether its running with the Athletics society, training in the fitness centre or whilst on shift, I have never felt discriminated against or harassed for my sexuality and any minor issues have been dealt with immediately. Nonetheless, I recognise that my situation is a fortunate one and there are numerous members of the LGBT+ community who do feel intimidated and unwilling to partake in sport due to perceived discrimination or a lack of support - hence why I am trying to use my position to find ways to create opportunities for pro-active dialogue and awareness of these issues.

    Alongside working at Brookes Sport, I am completing the final year of my architecture masters and a founding committee member of the UK's first Architecture LGBT+ network. Besides running all our social media accounts, I help to organise networking events, discussion panels debating important issues in the industry and our annual Pride parties in London, Manchester and Brighton. I also really enjoy curating playlists that you may hear being blasted at the gym, watching Spanish series and spending too much time in nightclubs abroad.

    If you see me out and about and would like to further discuss LGBT+ issues in sport or architecture, please don't hesitate to say hey, i'm always keen to meet new people and hear of new ideas!

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