Mark Cobb, Brookes Sports Ambassador

  • Hi I’m Mark Cobb, Sports Ambassador for the Climbing Wall.

    Since I was a kid, I always wanted to climb, but it’s only been in the last ten years that I’ve had the opportunity and the time to really get into it. Now, I’m totally obsessed. Climbing, or more specifically, bouldering has become my life; indoors, outdoors, anywhere! Brookes started me off and I’ve been lucky to have developed as a climber by climbing there. It has challenged me and made me a better climber.

    Job wise, I work as a PE and Nurture teacher. I love sport, pretty much any sport but particularly those that involve a bit of psychology: cricket, tennis but also athletics. I also love music; I sing and write songs and am inspired by the likes of Nick Cave, Miles Davis, Steven Wilson and anything with a bit depth and a minor chord.

    I’m very lucky that I spend much of my free time climbing. My kids and my wife love to climb too. I somehow peaked for half an hour a few years ago and fluked my way up a V10 on Portland, my highest graded route so far. I feel honoured to have met and climbed with Johnny Dawes and love the climbing of Ben Moon, Jerry Moffatt, Alex Puccio, Shauna Coxsey and many more.

    Climbing is my life, my life is climbing!

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