Active Routes

Brookes Active wants to help the entire Oxford Brookes community find their way onto campus using active travel options, whether that be walking, cycling, scooting, or any other active method of travel - whilst helping you bypass public transport, leave your car at home, and get a little bit fitter in the process.

Active Routes are entirely user generated and submitted by people who have travelled them, rather than simply looked up the most direct route on a map, so come with the recommendations of colleagues and peers.

Of course, we are always looking to expand our catalogue of Active Routes and greatly appreciate any input from the Oxford Brookes community. If you use active travel to get onto campus, please submit your routes using the Active Routes Google Form.

If you have any questions about Active Routes, please email the Brookes Sport Marketing & Engagement Manager.

Walking routes

Whether you are heading to the bus stop, or from the car park to your office, everyone is a pedestrian until they get into a vehicle, so why not extend that time spent moving where possible to make your trip more active?

Please note, some walking routes unfortunately may not be wheelchair or disability accessible depending on the public infrastructure - please take a look at the route descriptions below for further details.

Start point Notable locations along the route End point Description
Marston Up In Arms Pub, Clive Booth Halls Headington Campus Marston to Headington Active Route
Marston Up In Arms Pub, Harberton Mead, EF International Headington Campus Marston to Headington Active Route 2
Redbridge Cowley Road Headington Campus Redbridge to Headington Active Route

Cycling routes

Most car journeys cover less than 5 miles, and with Oxfordshire being a relatively flat county (perhaps with the exception of our Headington and Harcourt Hill campuses!), there is huge opportunity for cycling to take the place of many of these journeys. Particularly if your route takes you through the middle of the city, cycling can be a quicker way to get from A to B, and many new infrastructure projects in the county are focused on getting people onto two wheels.

Start pointNotable locations along the routeEnd pointDescription
Oxford City train stationGloucester Green Market, Sheldonian Theatre, University ParksHeadington CampusStation to Headington route description
BicesterAmbroseden, Islip, WoodeatonHeadington CampusBicester to Headington route description
Heyford ParkKirtlington, Hampton Poyle, Summertown, Natural History MuseumHeadington CampusHeyford Park to Headington route description
West OxfordThames tow path, St Aldates, Carfax, St Clements Headington CampusWest Oxford to Headington route description
West OxfordWillow Walk, North Hinksey allotments, Southern Bypass Road underpassHarcourt Hill CampusWest Oxford to Harcourt route description
FreelandCassington, WolvercoteHeadington Campus Freeland to Headington route description
KidlingtonHeadington Hill Headington Campus

Kidlington to Headington route description