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  • Other ways to improve your wellbeing

    Wellbeing is a general term for the those things that give us the sense of life being worthwhile, the feeling of being happy, healthy and able to cope with what life throws at us.

    There are five evidence based actions we can take to improve our wellbeing known as the 'five ways to wellbeing'.

    The five ways to wellbeing are:

    1. Be active

      Go for a walk, take an exercise class or play a sport. Find an activity that you enjoy and make it a part of your life.
    2. Take notice

      Be more aware of the world around you focusing on the present moment, including your thoughts and feelings, your body and the environment that you are in. 
    3. Connect

      Spend time developing relationships with the people around you: family, friends, colleagues and neighbours.
    4. Learn

      Learning new skills can give you a sense of achievement and a new confidence. Is there something that you would like to be able to do or be better at?
    5. Give

      Even the smallest act can count, whether it's a smile, a thank you or a kind word. Larger acts, such as volunteering at your local community centre, can improve your mental wellbeing and help you build new social networks.

    Each of these areas are interlinked and can often be done together, for example getting active whilst volunteering, learning a new sport or skill or using a walk or run as an opportunity to take notice of the world around.

    At Brookes we encourage a holistic approach and in 2015 we signed up to the the Mental Health Charter for Sport and Recreation.

    Wellbeing services at Brookes

    • The Counselling Service offers online, individual and group sessions for students to enhance their psychological wellbeing. 
    • Occupational Health provides a range of support to staff including access to counselling.
    • The Chaplaincy is open to all members of the Oxford Brookes community and offers friendship and spiritual care. A number of regular events are held within the multi-faith chaplaincy space including meditation and craft activities.
    • Brookes Union provides a wide range of activities, events and services for students and the Vice President: Welfare represents student's welfare needs.

    Each year in Semester 2 all these services work together to bring you the Feel Good Festival.