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    Oxford Brookes University is committed to developing and supporting the sporting excellence of our students. Each year, with the kind support of Santander, we offer a number of Sports Scholarships to Brookes students who show, or have shown, outstanding talent and success in their chosen sport.

    Designed to support elite dual-career athletes in balancing the demands of academic and high-level athletic performance, the Santander Sports Scholarship scheme is an ‘open competition’ with awards based on the evidence of past and current sporting achievement included in the application.

    Applications are assessed at the end of August, following Clearing. All applicants will be informed of the outcome of the process by 1 September, in preparation for the start of the academic year.

    Please note: Only sports recognised by Sport England will be considered. Rowing and cricket are not included in the Santander Sports Scholarship scheme. For more information on these sports, please see below.

    Application criteria

    To be eligible to receive an Oxford Brookes Santander Sports Scholarship, applicants must:

    • Satisfy the normal entry requirements of Oxford Brookes University and have been offered a place to study on a degree programme (includes Foundation and Research degrees)
    • Demonstrate excellence in their chosen sport (minimum representative of county or regional U18)
    • Be committed to, where possible, representing Oxford Brookes in BUCS competition
    • Be committed to representing the University in a positive manner in person and online

    Performance packages

    Package details
    Scholarship programme Bronze Silver Gold
    Free anytime gym access
    Free BUCS subscription
    OBU Performance Kit
    Subsidised physiotherapy
    Lifestyle/nutrition support
    Individual S&C programme
    1 on 1 S&C Sessions
    Bursary (£500-£750)
    Bursary (£750-£2000)

    How to apply

    Santander Sports Scholarships are awarded on an annual basis and must be re-applied for each year.

    All applications must be submitted by Monday 19th August 2019 for the 2019/20 academic year. You do not need to have accepted an offer to study at Oxford Brookes prior to submitting an application.

    To apply for a Santander Sports Scholarship award, please complete the application form and return it (in MS Word format) to the Director of Sport, Keith Kelly, at k.kelly@brookes.ac.uk.

    Download the scholarship application form »

    Cricket (MCCU) scholarships

    As a student at Oxford Brookes, cricketers have the opportunity to play for the Oxford MCCU (combined with Oxford University); one of the six MCC-sponsored centres of cricketing excellence.

    Brookes’ students who are selected for the MCCU programme train daily from November through to the end of June, supported by expert coaches across all disciplines of the game. In addition, all players are provided with MCCU training and playing kit, as well as team strength and conditioning.

    Players who are selected for the squad and demonstrate outstanding commitment, talent and/or progress can apply for an additional bursary in November. These are awarded in early February, with successful applicants selected by the coaching staff based on their performance and attitude.

    Please note that selection to the MCCU squad is the only level considered for cricket scholarships.

    Scheme update March 2018: Funding to retain the MCCU scheme across all the 6 centres, has been secured until 2021 and discussions continue to extend this further. Further updates will be made when available. Please contact us should you have any questions regarding this matter.

    For more information on the MCCU programme, please contact MCCU Head Coach, Graham Charlesworth at graham.charlesworth@sport.ox.ac.uk or visit our Cricket sports club page.

    Brookes rowing scholarships

    Oxford Brookes University Boat Club is one of the strongest undergraduate boat clubs in Europe with a long history of domestic and international success. Brookes students and alumni have also competed at every U23 World Championships and medalled at every Olympic Games since 2000.

    Brookes’ dual-career students who are selected for the squads are automatically entered into the Performance Grant Scheme each academic year, so no applications are required to be eligible.

    Grants are awarded twice yearly to dual-career students based on their performance and are continually assessed by our GB Rowing coaches throughout the year.

    Please note that selection to the squads is the only level considered for Boat Club scholarships.

    For more information on rowing at Brookes, please visit our Rowing sports club page or contact headcoach@brookesrowing.org.uk.