#TEAMBrookes Coach of the Year 2020

Monday, 25 May 2020

2020 Sports Awards

Announcing the nominees for the 2020 #TEAMBrookes Coach of the Year award


The Coach of the Year award celebrates the coaches who have made a huge impact to their respective teams - whether that be leading a squad to the final of a big competition, or working behind the scenes to recruit new members and improve the reputation of their club.

Each nominee will be given their own spotlight across the week on our social media channels and the winner will be announced on Friday 29th May.

This year's nominees are...

Kit Cutter, Hockey

This year Kit managed to help the Men's first team maintain their National League status by beating Sheffield Hallam in an exciting, must win play off match as well as overseeing a successful year of #TEAMBrookes Men’s Hockey. 

Kit has also been a key individual in establishing a partnership with Oxford Hockey Club, which looks to develop hockey in Oxfordshire across all ages and levels and gives Oxford Brookes players the opportunity to play competitive Saturday hockey. 

Kit has also begun to use his experiences as a Lecturer in the Department of Sport at Oxford Brookes to help develop other #TEAMBrookes’ coaches. This is something that will be valuable to the development of #TEAMBrookes’ teams over the coming years. 


Kit Cutter


Joe Winpenny, Rugby Union

Joe has overseen another fantastic year for the Rugby Union Men’s Teams. The teams attribute their success to his “professionalism, commitment, passion and character”. Week in week out, Joe heads up the coaching of rugby to a large number of students and manages to ensure that everyone is coached to a high level. 

He goes above and beyond what would be expected from someone in his position and channels unbelievable levels of effort and energy into his role in the club. He has developed a personal relationship with every member of the club and freely offers his time to help them with anything they might need, not just rugby related issues. Joe also works to build up a strong coaching network around him, which involves the introduction of student coaches. 


Joe Winpenny


Karen Paxton, Netball


Karen is committed and driven and dedicated to making the players of the Netball Club better. The Netball Club has celebrated a very successful season and the club attest their success to Karen’s hard work. 

This past season was Karen’s third year coaching Netball for #TEAMBrookes and she has done an excellent job in maintaining players’ spirits and instilling her love for the sport through her fun and creative ways of coaching. She consistently goes the extra mile to ensure the teams feel supported and makes sure everyone is happy and feels included. 


Karen Paxton


Sophie Welton and Mahshid Farjadpour, Cheerleading

Sophie and Mahshid work tirelessly to make sure the Cheerleading teams are prepared and supported for success and both continuously make incredible sacrifices to support the development and wellbeing of each of the athletes. Their work ethic and dedication is an inspiration to all Brookes’ Cheerleaders and as a team, they are incredibly thankful for everything they continue to do for them. 

Cheerleading celebrated a very successful competition season, despite it being cut short. At their final competition of the year the Level One team, Eternity, won their division and were titled Grand Champions as well as winning the Judges Choreography Award, which is a testament to both the hard work of the athletes and the perseverance and passion of the coaches.


Sophie Welton and Mahshid Farjadpour