#TEAMBrookes Marc Thompson Memorial Award 2020

Monday, 18 May 2020

2020 Sports Awards

Announcing the nominees for the #TEAMBrookes Marc Thompson Memorial Award 2020


Each year, the Marc Thompson Memorial Award is given to the student athlete whose personality and character has made the biggest impression, both on their own clubs and team, as well as on the Sports Department.

As always, keep an eye out for the winner to be announced across our Instagram and Twitter channels on Friday.

This year’s nominees are…

Erin McGready, Netball and Ultimate Frisbee

On and off the court, Erin is a force to be reckoned with. A standout athlete in her two sports - Netball and Ultimate Frisbee. This season she celebrated qualifying for indoor nationals as part of the Women’s Ultimate Frisbee team, finished 2nd in a new competitive Netball league and won the Conference Cup.

As President of the Netball club she has repeatedly gone above and beyond to support her teammates in any way she can, from helping to coordinate coaching and playing, to ensuring all players from all teams are motivated to achieve, and spending hours contacting umpires for games. Erin was also selected to be one of #TEAMBrookes 2020 Varsity Captains.


Erin McGready


Harry Spinks, Athletics

Harry excelled at his role as Club Captain for the Athletics Club this year. Not only did he show unconditional dedication to the club, but he was also the main driving force in the club’s growth and running successes. He has been able to present himself as a strong leader, a role model for younger members, and also a decision maker with an approachable personality which other club members trust and respect.

His genuine passion and enthusiasm for the club, as well as his tireless efforts organising and communicating, allowed for the club to celebrate many achievements throughout the year. On top of Harry’s successes as Club Captain, he also made enormous progressions as an athlete being able to push himself to achieve PB after PB. 


Harry Spinks


Alba Cedillo, Basketball

Alba is a very active member of the Basketball Club and was a valuable member on the court as a key player in the team’s unbeaten BUCS season this year. Off the court she was club President, successfully uniting the Men’s and Women’s teams and developed the team’s interest in Strength and Conditioning which has benefited the club this past year.

Alba is consistently one of the first #TEAMBrookes athletes sign up to do more to help boost interest in their sport. Her passion for basketball and dedication to the overall club’s growth will be greatly missed next year.


Alba Cedillo


James Kendall, Rugby League

James has been an instrumental part of the Rugby League Club over the past year, and has really worked hard to make sure that it is both an inclusive and competitive environment. As President, he has motivated all individuals under his supervision to thrive, not only as sportsmen, but as personalities and individuals too.

He is immensely passionate about the club and works tirelessly to ensure its smooth running. He is a very dedicated player who is often up against players much bigger than him, but due to his relentless drive and motivation he is able to make an impact on the pitch which matches his influence off the pitch.


James Kendall