#TEAMBrookes Sportswoman of the Year 2020

#TEAMBrookes Sportswoman of the Year 2020

Announcing the #TEAMBrookes Sportswoman of the Year 2020 nominations

Keep an eye on our social media channels for the winner announcement on Friday 26th June

Lorna Hall, Shooting

Lorna is not only a very talented athlete, but is also a huge advocate for women in a sport which is typically male dominated. Her Presidency of the Shooting Club saw her working tirelessly to improve the student experience through widening access and inclusivity. She has held a pivotal role in changing the culture within #TEAMBrookes sports clubs and advocated strongly for the position of women within shooting.

Competitively, Lorna won the BUCS Individual Championships which cemented her place as one of the finest shots, not only in BUCS but in the UK. She also led the Women’s 1st Team to be crowned as BUCS Champions. Lorna has made a huge impact on the Shooting Club during her time at Oxford Brookes.

Lorna Hall

Izzy Cocke, Lacrosse

Izzy has been an invaluable asset to the Women’s 1st Lacrosse Team all season, along with her previous 2 years at Oxford Brookes. The team celebrated a successful first year in Tier 1 of the Midlands Conference by finishing third.

She is a very reliable player who is a dynamic force on the pitch, making a strong impact on every game. As President of the Lacrosse Club she has been dedicated to helping to grow and support the club in any way she can, and her influence both on and off the pitch will be missed next year.

Izzy Cocke

Kimberley Slessor, Football, Water Polo and Ice Hockey

Kim has been competing in Football, Water Polo and Ice Hockey, all whilst completing her PhD and has been an integral part of the Women's Water Polo team, and the club as a whole. As Vice Captain, Kim has been essential to all committee decisions and was pivotal in increasing the pool time for the water polo club this past year.

Kim is the top goal scorer and main offensive player and has been at every training session and game this past season, coaching both the Women's and Men's teams to success in 2020. She strongly believes in creating a solid foundation of Water Polo at Brookes, promoting women to play contact sports and providing a legacy of success for the club.

Kimberley Slessor

Kelsi McNamara, Basketball

Kelsi is the lead scorer on the Women’s Basketball Team, averaging four to five 3 pointers per game. This season she also took on the responsibility of coaching the women’s team and led by example on and off the court.

During the semi-final of the Conference Cup she led the team by hitting four consecutive 3 pointers to progress to the finals against a very strong opponent. She is a dominant and very talented basketball player and the team will greatly miss her Basketball and leadership next season.

Kelsi McNamara