Brookes Sport launches 123 Membership

Brookes Sport - 123 Membership

Taking the effort out of your gym membership at university.

Our Brookes Sport 123 memberships are exclusive to students of Oxford Brookes University.

1 easy payment, pay for 2 years, get 3 years of access to Brookes Sport.

We’re taking the effort out of signing up to the gym at Brookes, so that you can put the effort into using it!

The membership provides 3 calendar years of access to our Brookes Sport facilities, and for the up-front price of 2 years only, with options to take out memberships at the All-Inclusive, Fitness Plus or Climb Plus level. That’s 3 years for the price of 2!

To sign up to the 123 membership, please click one of the options below (those wishing to sign up at the Fitness Plus level should select “Join Now”, whilst those wishing to join at the “Climb Plus” or “All-Inclusive” level should select “Join Now – Climbing” as additional registration and competency forms are required to use our climbing facilities.

These memberships are non-refundable after the initial 14 day cooling-off period. Terms & Conditions apply.


Membership Type Price for 3 years
All-Inclusive £510.00
Fitness Plus £410.00
Climb Plus  £470.00


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