Brookes Sport partners with Headway Oxfordshire

Friday, 14 February 2020

Headway partnership


Brookes Sport will be supporting Headway Oxfordshire in their work to tackle and raise awareness of head injury during sporting events, hoping to ensure concussion is taken seriously, with sufficient support and medical training given to treat it.

Keith Kelly, Director of Sport at Brookes, said "We're delighted to be able to support such a worthwhile charity, and one that resonates so well with a number of our students. Every year our student sports clubs impress us with their efforts towards carrying out fundraising and charitable events, as well as offering support within the local community.


"We're therefore very excited to be able to collectively direct some of their efforts towards Headway Oxfordshire."


Established in 1988, Headway supports individuals and families who have been affected by the devastating consequences of brain injury, now supporting over 1,000 individuals across the county each year. 


George Amphlett, 20, student of Oxford Brookes University, sustained multiple head injuries playing rugby over the past year. These injuries resulted in temporary blindness in his left eye.
His sight has since returned, but he has had to retire from Rugby and completely stop playing contact sports as a result of fifteen concussions and two temporary periods of blindness. 


Brookes sport not only aims to raise awareness of concussion, but also to fundraise for Headway Oxfordshire through exciting events throughout the year including a charity tandem skydive and Inflatables 5K.


Headway Oxfordshire Chief Executive Jamie Miller said “I am absolutely thrilled that Brookes Sport has chosen Headway Oxfordshire to be their charity partner. Concussion in sport is an issue that is gradually receiving more attention by forward thinking sporting bodies. We hear and see the precautions being taken in the world of Rugby and motorsport for example.


"Headway Oxfordshire’s message is, life is definitely for living so pursue your interests and heighten your life experiences through exciting sports but ensure that whilst doing so, you arm yourself with both the knowledge of the risks and the best possible equipment to minimise the likelihood of potentially life changing injury. This partnership and subsequent campaign will encourage exactly that”.