Brookes sports teams back in action

Saturday, 08 October 2016

Football women1

It has been a long summer break but we are all finally back at Brookes and the sports fixtures are starting up once again!

It has been a long summer break but we are all finally back at Brookes and the sports fixtures are starting up once again! 

Those of you who are new to the University will have had an opportunity to sign up for teams during the Sports Fair with trials run and teams picked. Returning students will have been itching to get back into competitive action.

Wednesdays are game days, and the atmosphere around the fixtures is buzzing. Come on down to the Sports Bar at Headington and take in some of the Hockey outside, or make your way to Harcourt Hill where we will be hosting Football, Lacrosse and Rugby League.

Of course it isn’t only about the people on the field/pitch/court etc who will be looking forward to Wednesday. Sport is an important part of Brookes life, not just from a competitive perspective, but also from a social one. Some of our fixtures draw excellent crowds and we expect this year to be no different. With some fantastic performances to build on from last year we are looking forward to some more great fixtures this time around.

In a bumper day of sport this Wednesday, some of the fixtures are huge!

WIth an early(ish) start of 10am, our Brookes Women 1st team are playing their first Premier A match against the University of Bristol at Oxford Sports Lawn Tennis Club.

As part of Women’s Football Week our 1st team kick off at 2:30pm against Birmingham City University 1st up at Harcourt Hill.

At Headington we will be hosting some huge Hockey fixtures. Look out for the Men’s 2nd team taking on our rivals from down the hill, Oxford University Men’s 2nd at 2pm, while the Men’s 1st follow up, pushing back in their Premier League match against Cardiff Met at 3:30pm. With home fixtures for the Women’s 4th against Birmingham City University 1st at 12:30, and the Men’s 4th taking on Harper Adams 2nd at 5pm there will be no shortage of action.

On top of that, with home fixtures in Squash, Netball, Ultimate Frisbee, Table Tennis, Lacrosse, Rugby (both codes), Volleyball, Water Polo and Basketball all taking place, there is something for everyone.

Meanwhile, our teams are also setting off across the country to take on other institutions. Although our Men’s Fencing team don’t have far to travel as they go up against Oxford University.

Brookes Sport and all of our teams appreciate your support!