Children's swimming crash courses at Brookes Sport

Wednesday, 17 July 2019

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Summer Swimming crash courses at Brookes Sport


Brookes Swim School are pleased to be able to open up a number of spaces on children’s swimming crash courses. The 3 day courses are designed to provide additional swimming tuition for those children who are after a bit of extra coaching for their current stage.


Courses run from Wednesday 31st July to Friday 2nd August and will follow the schedule below.


9:30am - Stage 1 Top Up


10:00am - Stage 2 Top Up


10:30am - Stage 3 Top Up

10:30am - Stage 4/5 Top Up


11:00am - Stage 1 New Starters

11:00am - Stage 6/7 Top Up


All sessions are 30 minutes long and the three day course costs £24.


If you would like to sign up or know more, please get in touch with the swim school at