Coaching Brookes at Competition

Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Karolina in competition

Karolina as she prepares to finish her movement.


Last week Kristine told us about herself and her journey to build a lifting club at Brookes Sport. In part 2 she tells us about her experience coaching Brookes Athlete Karolina Musilova in a BUCS qualifier at Uxbridge. 


On the 7th of March Karolina and I made our way to Brunel University in Uxbridge where the competition to qualify for BUCS was held at. She weighed in at (-53kg) and was ready to lift big weights in her first ever weightlifting competition!


Karolina setting up for her lift
Karolina Musilova

Karolina opened with a 40kg snatch and smashed the next two attempts ending with a 44kg snatch on her last attempt! She was the first to come out for the clean and jerks, yet she did not let her nerves get the best of her. She ended up with a 55kg clean and jerk which combined with her 53kg bodyweight made a huge total of 99kg! Her composure and focus were really impressive and the best thing about it was that she ended up with a perfect 6/6 performance.


Her progress exceeded what we predicted 5 months ago when we were just aiming for a 90kg total to qualify for BUCS. I am such a proud coach/friend to have witnessed her amazing persistence and hard work translate into a great performance in her very first Olympic weightlifting competition! She is such a promising athlete!





Karolina successfully lifting
She's done it!

I also coached two of my friends from Brighton University after Karolina. It was also their first weightlifting competition and both of them ended up with new personal bests and achieved way more than what they needed for the BUCS qualifier. I am so happy that I did my job well and got everyone qualified for BUCS. Coaching three strong girls was such a fun experience that I never thought I could get from weightlifting.


I found coaching just as rewarding as lifting. It was nice to see happy faces and celebrate with the lifters when they got good lifts. Karolina performed tremendously well under pressure!





Now we are back in the gym preparing and training hard for the BUCS. This is my final year and I am hoping to bring back a gold medal this time for Brookes! I am most excited about competing alongside my amazing teammate/friend (Karolina).


The competition was on the 21st of April at St Mary’s University in Twickenham. I'll let you know the results in my next post!



This piece was written by Kristine Santos, Brookes Sport Ambassador. You can find Kristine on Instagram


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