Consistency is key

Monday, 10 February 2020

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Work hard and reap the rewards


Most people have heard the saying “consistency is key” before. And I truly believe that it is the key to success. No matter what you would like to achieve. Whether that is being able to lift more, improve your grades, or get better at your sport. The pattern is always the same, you have to stay consistent and remain dedicated to your goals.

There is no doubt that someone who focuses on their goal more frequently is going to achieve it quicker than someone who does it on and off. Do you not agree?

But, with a good routine, all of this can be achieved

This is my final year of my bachelor’s degree, it's a very hectic time. There are weekly reading lists, seminars, long lectures, researching and writing a dissertation, whilst additionally attempting to stay afloat the social- and fitness life. But, with a good routine, all of this can be achieved.

The famous 21/90 rule states that if you commit to something for 21 days straight, it becomes a habit, once you have established that habit, you continue performing your task for another 90 days; at that point it becomes a permanent lifestyle change. 21 days is 3 weeks, and 90 days is not even a full 4 months. Imagine how quickly you could change your entire lifestyle.

I started small, writing down daily and weekly plans, and immediately started to see change. I admit that it was a little much initially, but it certainly is attainable. I start most my days off with a gym session, before doing any academic work and preparations for my classes. As I have found that my mind is sharper in those early morning lectures and seminars after I have worked out.

This allows me to focus on the really important stuff throughout the day, such as academia, and looking for jobs post-graduation; both of which are truly time consuming.

It is nearly impossible to catch up on something if you have neglected it for weeks. So, spend some time on your goals every day, rather than just once a week. Even if it's just thirty or forty minutes.

The majority of my peers procrastinate, whether that is to do with academia, exercise, or other personal issues. The question you should ask yourself is, “what will I achieve out of scrolling through Facebook or Instagram one more time. What will watching another episode of a Netflix series give me?”

The same principle of consistency applies to everything; studying, work, personal projects, and other personal goals. Don't procrastinate unless you can do it better at a later date. It's better to start sooner than later, just one small step at a time.


Written by Szpakowski, Student Ambassador for Brookes Sport. If you would like to have a go at building a consistant workout routine, why not visit our Sports Centre at Oxford Brookes University Centre for Sport in Headington?

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