A Million Metres is Nothing in the Battle Against Friedreich's Ataxia

Thursday, 15 April 2021

GH Million Meter Comp Cover

The journey is complete!


Georg has completed 1,000,000 Metres!

Georg has now completed his 1-million-meter Erg Challenge! Over the 10 weeks during Lockdown 3 he spent his time the way he has spent most of his recent life, battling an illness that refuses to back down whilst simultaneously completing incredible feats of physical endurance. By completing this challenge he managed to both raise money for charity and keep his Ataxia at bay.

He also recently featured on BBC South Today talking about his journey to keep himself walking and achieve physical feats to inspire people in similar situations. He has given talks to international groups about the benefits he has found when training.

When he first started training at Brookes he could barely walk without a cane and could not get off a sofa without assistance. He has now managed to row a million metres and can get up under his own care. His ability to re-teach himself to walk and then to achieve his life goals is a constant source of inspiration.

Check out his donation page here!

Post ERG

To find out more about Georg and his inspirational relationship with physical activity, please check out his story which we began telling during UK Disability History Month in November 2020. If you see him around the centre feel free to introduce yourself and have a chat.

1 Million Metre Challenge

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This piece was written about Dr. Georg Herdt, Brookes Sport Ambassador. You can find Georg on Instagram.

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