The Oxford Brookes activity tracker returns

Monday, 29 July 2019

Brookes Active

The Active Workplace challenge returns!


Over the last few years, Brookes Active has managed the Active Workplace Challenge. This was a workplace activity tracker whereby members of Brookes Staff were able to log their activity and compete in team challenges to see which team or department was the most physically active.


The Workplace Challenge in previous years was hosted by the CSPN (County Sports Partnership Network) but unfortunately their provision of this great facility ended earlier this year. As such, any organisations wishing to continue with an activity tracker after this point, needed to find their own solutions.


Brookes Active and Brookes Sport are therefore delighted to announce that our brand new workplace activity tracker is up and running and ready to go!


Whilst the tracker has an all new look, the basic functions remain the same – you complete an activity, log the details, and are awarded points based on what you’ve accomplished. This year though, it’s even easier with connectivity to Strava and FitBit (with GoogleFit coming soon).


Speaking of Strava, you can find Brookes Active there too. Join our running and cycling clubs!


This year we’ll be focusing on monthly challenges and regular events. Fancy setting a specific challenge for your office? Anyone can create a group to do just that and set individual targets for your own team!


Sign up at the following link and get Brookes Active!