Memberships up for grabs for Brookes staff in the Workplace Challenge

Friday, 30 August 2019

Brookes Active

Brookes staff signed up to our active workplace tracker can get their hands on a free all-inclusive membership by taking part in the Workplace Challenge in September. We’ve set a target of 5,000 points, and anyone hitting that total will be entered into a prize draw with the winner not only getting a free membership to be used across Brookes Sport, but also another one for a friend too, regardless of whether or not they hit the 5000 point mark or are even signed up to the challenge!


Why not double your chances of getting your hands on a membership by encouraging your colleagues to join so if one of you wins you can share the prize?


The idea is simple – sign up for the activity tracker and log all of the activity your take part in. With connectivity to Strava and Fitbit this couldn’t be easier. If you already use those then just link your account with the activity tracker and activity will be recorded automatically. Alternatively, just log into your account and log your activity manually.


Don’t worry if you miss the beginning of the month, if you sync your account with the tracker your activities will still count, and you can always log activities retrospectively.


Earn digital badges for your achievements and even set up groups for your own challenges within your own office!


Into running or cycling specifically? Please sign up to our Strava groups, we have a group for both, so join up and see how you stack up against your colleagues!


Keep an eye out for more challenges, events and prizes coming up!


Winners will be contacted by email in early October.