The Future

Saturday, 17 August 2019

Simon Mace 6

Looking forward to the future


After working with Brookes for some time now as a volunteer and speaking as a guest lecturer, this has given me the opportunity to think about the future.


Short-term goals are ever-changing and I have to focus on the fact that I must keep moving, exercising, and working on my mobility every day.


I’m forever reaching out and trying to connect with people that can help me on a volunteer basis to walk, get in the gym or swim. I’m very driven and self-motivated but certain things I need support with – and to develop new friendships and relationships to grow within the nutrition, health and fitness world. I’m hoping that as time goes by I will consistently reconnect with people that might be interested in supporting me with getting stronger.

My long term goals are to obviously stay strong fit and healthy. I hope to continue to connect with Brookes and am looking forward to my relationship with the university developing further. It’s been the biggest privilege and honour, and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed being able to work and connect with Oxford Brookes.


From a personal perspective, I’m really hoping that I can return to employment after eight years of battling with my health and with so many setbacks it’s been demoralising at times. It would be great to use and develop the skills that I’ve identified through my connection with Brookes to find work.


I also intend to remain as a volunteer to do further guest lectures - I’ve learnt so much in my fight over the past eight years and I feel it is essential for me to be able to pass that knowledge and information on to the students who will go on to become the professionals of tomorrow.

I believe connecting with Brookes Sport has helped me achieve various goals in my physical rehabilitation, and working with the student as helped me gain strength, not just physically, but also mentally.


Doing guest lectures has given me the ability to discover a skill I didn’t know I had - public speaking - and given my story (88 weeks in hospital and 27 operations) the fact that I can use this to pass my story on hopefully means the students will be able to take something away for their future careers is exciting


Connecting with Brookes has helped me restart certain aspects of my life, and hopefully a future career, and further improvements in my strength, fitness and confidence can follow.


I’m very much looking forward to my next involvement with the university – I’ll be climbing the roof of the O2 arena on October 2nd. This has become a huge feature in my 50th year and celebrating the fact that my legs are getting stronger. Something I thought would never happen! Brookes are again supporting, with students giving up a lot of their time to help me prepare for the big event.


I can’t think of one thing that I would not be prepared to do on a voluntary basis for the university. I’m hoping my future involvement continues to grow and my name spread further. As I have said before, I want to put these last eight years to good use!


My dream is for my phone to be constantly ringing with people asking me to help in some way, and then who knows, maybe one day a job.


Under no circumstances will I allow my disability or weakness get in the way.