SWIMTAG at Brookes Sport

Friday, 31 January 2020


Track your swimming and win prizes in the pool

Love swimming, but tired of counting lengths? Brookes Sport is proud to offer SWIMTAG to all of its pool users, free of charge!


Now available at Harcourt Hill Sports Centre, SWIMTAG is the latest in wearable technology that helps you to track your progression and swim activity, allowing you to stay motivated.


Suitable for every level of swimmer, SWIMTAG records all of your swims allowing you to monitor your progress, set personal goals and even take part in online competitions and challenges. The interactive training tool allows you to set specific targets based on calories, distance, speed or lengths allowing you to work towards your personal goals whether that's weight loss, stamina or technique. It even tells you in-depth data on each individual length, like which stroke you used and how quickly you swam it.

To help you achieve your goals, we’ll be cheering you on and offering prizes for taking part in challenges and competitions. Lucky winners and participants could win a free pair of goggles and Brookes Sport goodies - or even a free month off of your membership for you and a friend! Make sure that you check the information board in the centre or on the Swimtag portal so that you don’t miss out!


To benefit from the SWIMTAG, all you need to do is scan your membership card at reception, pick up a wristband and swim your lengths. After your swim, return the wristband to the docking station at reception, and all of your data is uploaded automatically to your user friendly portal for you to access at home or on the app.


SWIMTAG records the number of lengths, spilt times, stroke type and rate. You can access your personal profile on your smartphone via the easy to use app or your computer.


The service also links to FitBit, Strava, Runkeeper, Apple health and much more. Enabling you to keep track of every aspect of your fitness. For those staff and students at Oxford Brookes already registered with the Workplace Activity Tracker, you can combine the two to add to your exercise record!



For more information visit: https://www.swimtag.net/


To see the latest news, challenges and leaderboards for Brookes Sport SWIMTAG visit: https://www.swimtag.net/pool/330/brookes-sport-botley/overview/en