Varsity 2019 - Meet Your Captains

Monday, 11 March 2019

VARSITY 2019 - Meet Your Captains

We got to know Alice and Angus a little better ahead of the 8th annual Varsity against Reading University


March 2019 sees the return of Varsity to Oxford for the 8th annual contest between Oxford Brookes and Reading University.


The bulk of fixtures will take place on Saturday March 30th, with our #TEAMBrookes clubs being led out by our two Varsity captains. Introducing Alice Bates and Angus Johnson.


Alice Bates

Alice Bates


Age: 19

Course: Sports Coaching and Physical Education 

Favourite movie: I don't have favourite film to be honest.

Favourite food: Cheesy beans on toast (don't knock it till you try it). 

Best sporting moment at Brookes: Definitely, last year in the Conference Cup Final against Oxford 1sts coming back from 5-nil down with 20 minutes left to win 6-5, and personally scoring a free kick in that game was a huge achievement for me.

Which sport (apart from your own) will you be looking out for? I am interested in all of our sports teams but in particular I have friends in netball and rugby and will be hoping they can win their respective matches. 

What are you Varsity 2019 predictions? We have let Reading have the trophy the past 2 years, it's our time again now. BROOKES WIN!


Angus Johnson

Angus Johnson

Rugby Union

Age: 22

Course: Planning and Property Development

Favourite movie: Shawshank Redemption

Favourite food: Lasagne and garlic bread

Best sporting moment at Brookes: Winning the league last year, it came down to the last game of the season against Nottingham and we won 25-7. 

Which sport (apart from your own) will you be looking out for? I’ll keep an eye out for all the results to be honest, but it does always seems to come down to hockey so hopefully they can get a win across all teams. 

What are your Varsity 2019 predictions? Brookes win obviously. Expect big things from rugby union.


Alice will be playing for our Football Women’s 1st team against their counterparts from Reading at Oxford City Stadium with kick off at 14:30. You can follow our women’s football club on Instagram.


Angus will be turning out for the Men’s Rugby Union 1st with their fixture getting underway from 16:00 at Oxford Rugby Club. Find them on Instagram.


Brookes currently holds a 5-2 record at Varsity, having won the first five competitions in a row. Reading have started their own run, however, and #TEAMBrookes will be looking to reclaim the title that the Reading Knights have held for the last two years.


With almost 50 fixtures counting towards the final result, Varsity continues to grow and the 2019 competition looks set to be the biggest one yet.


Keep an eye on our social media feeds - Facebook, Instagram and Twitter - for more details, and come along to the fixtures to cheer on your teams.