Badminton is Britain's most popular indoor racket sport based around a simple rule: keep the shuttle off the floor with your racket and hit it back over the net to your opponent, inside the court. It's an easy sport to start with the shuttlecock moving more slowly than most other racket sports but practice is rewarded with a fast, technical and tactical game.

Badminton is inclusive to all genders and levels of experience, and we welcome enquiries from those with a disability regarding the accessibility of Badminton. 

 We operate the sport within the guidance and guidelines laid out by the national governing body, England Badminton.

You can find our club on Instagram @obu_badminton.

Badminton team
Women's Badminton team


The club trains throughout the week and plays games on Wednesdays, with the following times and locations throughout weeks 1 to 12 in Semester 1 and weeks -1 to 8 in Semester 2:

DayTimeLocation Team
5.00pm - 6.50pm
Sports Hall, Headington Campus
Men's & Women's teams
10.00pm - 10.50pm
Sports Hall, Headington Campus
IMS Engage session
2.00pm - 3.25pm
Sports Hall, Headington Campus
Women's team
Saturday3.25pm - 4.50pmSports Hall, Headington Campus
Men's team
Sunday5.00pm - 7.50pmSports Hall, Headington Campus
IMS Engage session

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