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    Cheerleading is the athletic performance of stunts, tumbles, jumps and dance.  As a mixed sport, cheerleading offers a fun alternative to both dance and gymnastics, combining core strength and power with balance, coordination and graceful moves.

    At Brookes we have a mixed cheerleading squad, who compete and have experienced considerable success in recent National and International Open competition, as well as performing both at sporting fixtures and functions.

    With routines that incorporate elements of dance, gymnastics and stunting, cheerleading offers a physical, challenging and fun way to show and develop your skills.

    Training takes place off site at the Cheney School (adjacent to the Headington Campus) on Tuesday from 5:30pm to 10:00pm

    Contact the club at cheerleading@brookes.ac.uk

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    If you want to represent #TEAMBrookes, give a new sport a go, or just find out more, then the best place to be is at our annual Sports Fair that takes place on the Wednesday of Fresher's Week.

    Can't make the Sports Fair? You can still get further information by completing this form or sending an email to sport@brookes.ac.uk