• Trampolining
  • Trampolining

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    Trampolining is a fun, exhilarating sport suitable for people of almost any age, shape, or ability. Trampolining is inclusive to all genders and levels of experience, and we welcome enquiries from those with a disability regarding the accessibility of trampolining.

    Our club

    We aim to provide a welcoming atmosphere and hold frequent social events. In addition, we compete against other universities in SUTL, annually at BUCS as well as a number of other University competitions. Competing is entirely optional, but the majority of the club find competitions a great social opportunity to have fun and meet other University clubs.

    The club trains at the Iffley Road Sports Centre.


    You may attend two sessions as a trial, after which you must join both British Gymnastics and Oxford University Trampoline Club. This is for insurance purposes.

    For more details, contact the club at: trampolining-club@studentclubs.ox.ac.uk