When is a good time to engage students in BrookesEDGE?

BrookesEDGE can be introduced to students during induction, as part of modules or through academic adviser sessions throughout their time at Oxford Brookes.

Are all students eligible to participate in BrookesEDGE?

Yes, all undergraduate and postgraduate students are eligible to take part including part time and distance learning students. Students studying programmes at Associate College Partnership colleges are also eligible provided they can attend activities as timetabled.

How many activities can students do at the same time?

There are no limits to how many activities students can participate in at one time. However, it is important that students are able to manage these activities alongside their studies.

Are all extra or co-curricular activities eligible to be included as an activity for BrookesEDGE?

Provided the activity demonstrates commitment and engagement it can be included as a BrookesEDGE activity.

Are all activities open to all students?

Some activities are only open to particular programmes or modules and are discipline specific but some activities are open to all students. Activities on the BrookesEDGE app will specify when they are only open to certain student groups.

What do students need to do in order to achieve an activity and who confirms this?

The member of staff who has created the activity and is the ‘activity owner’ (through completing the Google form which then informs the Moodle course page) will be able to confirm the criteria for achievement.

All students registered on the activity can be ‘signed off’ very easily and quickly by the activity owner through the Moodle course page.

Other questions?

If you have any further questions, please contact the BrookesEDGE project team on brookesedge@brookes.ac.uk.